Help with your online onboarding

This help page is for Business & Corporate customers who have already discussed their requirements with a Santander Relationship Director. The Relationship Director will have provided details on how to access the forms specifically created for these customers and provided a user name and password.

If you have arrived on this by following a link from our main webpages and wish to open accounts with us, please speak to your Relationship Director first. If you are new to Santander and do not know who to contact please call us on 0800 085 2090 and we will direct you to the local Relationship Director best suited to your business.


I need support in completing my application, who can I contact?
Please call 0800 028 8258 quoting your application ID.
How long until my application expires?
You have 45 days to complete your application. Your nominated contact will receive email notifications reminding them to complete the application before the application expires.
My application has timed out, what do I do?
The application is saved automatically every 5 minutes. You can also use the save feature at any point in the application. Simply, use your user name and password to re-enter the application and continue.
I am locked out of my application, how do I reset my password?
Please call 0800 028 8258 quoting your application ID.

Organisation details

My organisation type is incorrect, how do I change this?
Please contact your Relationship Director who will start a new application for you.
The prepopulated information is incorrect, how I edit this?
UK registered organisations will have their information prepopulated from Companies’ House. You can amend any incorrect information within your application, however please contact Companies’ House to update this for future applications.
Do I have to list all the countries I trade with outside the UK here?
You can either list the countries outside the UK you trade with or if you trade with a large number of countries you can upload a list of the countries to provide this evidence.

Associated parties

I need to provide a foreign address, can I do this?
Yes, the application has the ability to verify foreign addresses. Simply tick the Non-UK address tick box, insert the foreign address, and then click search.
Who is an Account Signatory?
These are individuals who you wish to act as a signatory on the account(s) or on online banking.
How do I select an individual in the Switcher section of the online application form, when the individual is not being named in any capacity as part of this application?
This dynamic can exist where persons previously featured on the account mandate at the previous bank, are no longer included in the mandate request being set up at Santander.

You have two options to progress your application;

1. Include the relevant individual as part of this application by adding their details on to the Associated Parties Tab (Account Signatories Section). This will enable you to choose that individual’s name in the Switcher section of the online application.
Note: - if you chose to do this we may use the relevant individual’s details to perform identity checks (via a credit reference agency) and the individual in question will receive a full copy of the entire application and they will be asked to provide a signature electronically.


2. Choose only people already named in this application in the Switcher section and our switching team will be in touch to confirm steps required in order to finalise opening your account.
What will the Main Bank Contact receive?
The Main Contact will receive a Welcome Pack and be the contact for any Telephone / Postal / Electronic Correspondence required for servicing.
Do I have to list all of the organisation structure here?
You can either list all of the information required here or for more complex structures, you can upload the information in the Document Upload section of the application. This upload will be prompted after five layers of organisation is added to this section.
Who is an Application Authoriser?
The application authoriser is / are the individual(s) who will sign to open the account(s) that have been applied for in the application.

Accounts and services

What account(s) can I apply for using Digital Onboarding?
Currently the following products and services are available for new customers only;
  • Current Accounts (including Switching)
  • Deposit Accounts
  • Currency Current Accounts
  • Currency Deposit Accounts
  • Santander Connect Online Banking
  • Sweeping
  • Trade Portal
  • Trade Services Online
  • Client Accounts
  • BACS
  • Santander Direct Banking
  • International Cash Management
  • Source of funds / wealth
  • Third Party Mandate (Connect)
  • Multi-Entity Accounts
Where can I find further information on the account(s) I am applying for?
Within the Accounts and Services tab, select the View Products Details button, this will allow access to all relevant product factsheets and webpages.
The account I am looking to apply for is not showing, what do I do?
Please contact your Relationship Director who will be able to assist.
Can I name my own account?
Yes, within the Accounts & Services tab you can name the account as you wish using the Account Identification “Short Name” field.

Account mandate

How can I provide a mandate with multiple signatories?
You can either upload your existing mandate using the upload function in this section or download a template to complete then upload to the application.
Can I have different mandates on multiple accounts?
Yes, our application process allows you to have different mandates across the accounts you are looking to open.
Do the account(s) come with a debit card?
Within the Account Mandate tab, when adding signatories to each account you can select whether a debit card is required.


I have not passed electronic identification, what do I do?
Please check the individual information you have provided in the Associated Parties tab and perform the identity check again. If this still fails you will need to supply identification documents.
Do I have to supply identification documents if I have already provided the documents to my Relationship Director?
The application process will only prompt you to supply Identification Documents if you have not passed electronic identification. If you have already provided all required identification documents to your Relationship Director, then there simply press I will contact my Relationship Director button.
What identification documents can I upload to my application?
These lists will be prompted to you if you are required to provide identification as part of the application.
How can ensure my document is uploaded successfully to the application?
Following the guidance below will significantly improve the chances of a document uploading; Acceptance Guidelines
  • File Type: The image must be in one of the following formats: JPG (JPEG), PNG or PDF
  • File Size: The Individual file size should be less than 4MB.
Image quality guidelines
Within the captured image:
  • All of the edges of the identity document are visible
  • No part of the identity document should be obscured, e.g. a thumb should not cover part of the document
  • The document should be in focus
  • There should be no hotspots (bright reflected light) covering any parts of the identity document
  • The document should be square within the image, i.e. reasonably straight and not significantly skewed or at an angle
  • The document should be reasonably well lit, with the lighting being even across the identity document
Image capture guidelines – Camera
  • The camera should be orientated in landscape mode, so that the document fills the entire frame but the edges are clearly visible
  • Variations in lighting across the document should be avoided
  • Do not use a flash
  • The document should be in focus with text being readable
  • Images should be captured in medium or high quality, if available.

Document upload

Do I have to provide these documents here?
If you choose not to provide the required documents here, you can still submit your online application. However, these will still be required at a later stage and may cause delay to your account opening.

Next steps

What happens after I have submitted my application?
Where required, individuals in you organisation will be invited to sign the application or provide specimen signatures electronically by email invitation. Once supplied, the application will be processed and the account(s) will be opened.
How will I know my account(s) have been opened?
If your application is successful, we will send you an electronic welcome pack. This will include your account number and sort code.